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Market volatility and the increasing number of storage assets have left selective terminal and other midstream assets underutilized. These terminal and transportation assets are seeking leases on a short or medium term basis and are interested in connecting with like minded customers.   The Tank Tiger, serving as a market clearinghouse, can facilitate the rapid execution of these short and medium term leases, along with assisting with the planning associated with longer term contracts.

The objective of The Tank Tiger is to serve as a clearinghouse and a single point of contact for parties who desire terminal tank services or utilization of midstream assets and to bring them together with the companies who own these assets and seek further utilization. It also provides for tenants who are leasing storage to find subleasing opportunities, when it makes sense for them to do so.  Our expertise in this field provides a fast and efficient connection so that the uncertainty of storage availability is eliminated from the supply and trading equation. The Tank Tiger can facilitate and reduce market inefficiencies and illiquidity by providing this service.

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