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Available Storage

Current Tank Tiger Availability


The Tank Tiger is constantly in the market and is knowledgeable about available storage opportunities that can be discussed at any time.  If you’re looking for storage, The Tank Tiger can advise certain storage facilities, at your request and at no fee to you, of your anonymous interest to determine if there is a suitable match.    If there is, The Tank Tiger will instruct you on how to make this connection.   If you choose to contact the terminal, and your negotiation with the terminal is successful, The Tank Tiger will then collect a finders fee paid for by the terminal facility.  The Tank Tiger does not charge any fees to the end user for making inquiries about this available capacity or for connecting you to those listing available storage with us.

The following storage terminals and midstream companies have opted to list their available storage and midstream assets below.   Listings are comprised of available terminal tank space, rail cars, tracks to store railcars and other midstream assets seeking your utilization.  If you are interested in utilizing any of these facilities, click on the listing # link to send an email to express your interest and the Tank Tiger team will follow up directly with you in a short time.

Contact The Tank Tiger at any time if you are interested in listing your terminal space or midstream assets here.  By listing with The Tank Tiger, your facility will receive an audience from a website which receives 200 – 300 hits per day and a weekly email news bulletin which is distributed to over 28,000 industry subscribers.

Feel free to check in on this list as often as you feel necessary as the information will change as new opportunities are published.  The Tank Tiger also has numerous “unlisted” storage opportunities in their portfolio that we can discuss with you individually.  Please contact us for more information on “unlisted storage”.

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Available Storage

Listing #Date ListedLocationAvailable
Draft, ft
Total Available
Capacity, MB
Product(s)Com or SegAsk Price
On Shell Capacity
2018-51/16/18Philly HarborPrompt40 ftCPL/PES/ TrainerLaurel/ CPL/ Harbor1,100Gasoline/ DieselSegregated$0.50 (accepting bids)Term prompt up to Sept 2019. Truck rack outbound. Has Butane access. Tanks are set up for blending.7 tanks (some of the gasoline tanks are flappable to distillate)Open
2018-41/10/18Lake Charles, LA Area'March 15, 201835 ftN/A
N/A100Crude/ Condensate/ Clean ProductsSegregatedRail in/out. (BNSF). Truck in/out. Barge in/outOpen
2018-21/3/18Stampede, NDPromptN/ASummit & Tesoro
N/A449Bakken CrudeSegregatedOutbound access to Rail (CP Line). Truck inbound accessOpen
Multiple1,000CrudeSegregated$0.20Term up to 18 months. 4 tanks x 250 MB. Configured for efficient Blending Operation. Inbound Truck access.
2017-3912/18/17Macon (GA)PromptN/APlantation
N/A20GasolineSegregatedHas an IFR. Truck OutboundOpen
2017-3812/4/17Philly HarborPrompt40 ftCPL
N/A73Heating OilSegregated$0.29Term up to 3 months. Inbound Colonial and marine outbound marine and truck. It handles clear or dyed distillatesOpen
Connecting line to Enterprise700CrudeSegregated$0.20Term up to 15 months.Open
2017-3511/9/17Tallulah, LAPromptN/AN/AN/A250 - 600 railcar spotsHaz / Non-Haz
SegregatedNegotiable600 railcar spot first in last out. 250 railcars spots cherry pick. Connected to the KCS interchange. Can handle loaded and Unloaded carsOpen
2017-3310/30/17Central PAPromptN/AN/AN/A200 Railcar SpotsUnloaded or Loaded Railcars. Hazmat OkSegregatedDaily storage and switch in, switch out fees negotiable, depending on commodityConnection to the NS.Open
2017-3210/24/2017Houston'January 1, 201840 ftRefinery Connection & Butane LineCPL/EXPL
240GasolineSegregated$0.75Sublease. Access to butane PL and small commitment to take butane ovar a year. 2 tanks x 120 MB.(Flexible with Cap) Term up to 3 yrs
2017-319/21/2017Boston, MAPrompt36 ftN/AN/A50GasolineCommingled$0.55Truck & Barge accessOpen
2017-309/21/2017Portland, MEPrompt36 ftN/AN/A40Heating OilCommingled$0.45Truck & Barge accessOpen
2017-299/15/2017Geismar, LAPromptBarge DraftN/AN/A90Crude/CondensateSegregated$0.40Inbound: Truck/Barge/Rail. Outbound: Truck/Barge. Term 12 monthsOpen
2017-289/7/2017NYH'Nov 201720 ftCPLN/A118DistillateSegregated$0.50NYMEX approved terminalOpen
2017-268/7/2017USGC, LouisianaDecember 201847 ftMultipleMultiple1,500CrudeSegregatedCrude Export Facility. (4-6) 250,000 bbl crude tanks dist blending / Suezmax size ship dock / barge / truck rack  / unit train Open
2017-247/14/17Houston1Q 201840 FTN/AN/A326Gasoline / Components / Distillate / Aromatics / ethanol / refined products / crudeSegregatedRail (UP & BNSF) and Truck access as well. Can receive and discharge to vessel and barge.Open
2017-226/13/17Cristobal PanamaPrompt41 ftN/AN/A150Fuel OilSegregatedNegotiableLoading Rack accessOpen
2017-216/9/17NOLAPromptN/AN/AN/A25 - 35 Railcars Loaded /UnloadedSegregated$14 per car per day with $200 switch in and $200 switch outSpace for railcar storage. Facility has transload capabilities. Access to 6 Class One Rail Roads. Open
2017-206/9/17Ceredo, WVPromptN/AN/An/a120
All Bulk Liquids
5 heated tank with Dual Rail (CSX, NS) and Ohio River Access
2017-186/5/17Mobile Bay, AL6-12 month tank(s) construction40 ftN/AN/ABuild to suit (300 acres)
All bulk liquids
Deep water terminal facility with inland waterway access, Class 1 Rail and Interstate E/W+N/S access.
2017-155/23/17Central PATBDN/ASXL EasternN/A105Clean Products/ Condensate/CrudeSegregatedRail NS acess. Truck Rack. 7 Tanks. All have IFROpen
2017-145/16/17HoustonPrompt45 ftN/AN/A200Asphalt /VTB/ResidSegregated2 x 100 MB. Barge in/out for Asphalt only. Vessel in/out. Truck/Rail in. Term is negotiable. Open
2017-135/15/17Point Comfort (TX)6 months to tank Completion36 ftEFS PLN/A375Crude/ CondensateSegregated 3 x 125 MB. Seeking customer for new build , 2 Pipeline connections. Rail UP connection. Berths: (3) barge (1) ATB (2) ship Open
2017-125/9/17Brunswick, GA1Q 2018 (New Construction)36 ftN/AN/A
100Various (Chemicals, Petroleum, and Ag products)
SegregatedNegotiableNew construction with various configurations available up to 100 MB (1x100MB; 2x50MB, 4x25MB) Ship, Barge Rail (NS and CSX), Product heating and blending availableOpen
2017-115/4/17NortheastPrompt64 ftN/AN/A
2461Crude & Fuel Oil, ULSD and Gasoline
SegregatedTBD4 crude tanks. 1 Heated Crude/Fuel Oil tank., 2 Tanks for ULSD or Gasoline
2017-105/2/17Houston Ship Channel (Bayport)Prompt/As required40 ftN/AN/A
Ship to Ship (MR Max)Liquid Products
SegregatedNegotiableDock Space for Ship to Ship, Ship to Barge or ATB direct transfers.Open
2017-74/10/17Cushing1H 2018N/AConnected to Multiple Cushing Terminals
Connected to Multiple Cushing Terminals
250CrudeSegregated$0.25Potential for Blending.Open
2017-53/10/17Texas City (TX)Prompt38 ftN/AN/A416Clean ProductsSegregated2 x 152 MB. 1 x 112 MB. Marine in/out
2017-21/25/17Philly HarborPrompt40 ftN/AN/A25HS VGO/HS Fuel OilSegregated55Barge and Ship in/outOpen
2017-11/4/17Houston, TXPrompt40 ftFrom Pasadena with contracts.
From Pasadena with contracts.
400 Railcar SpotsCrude Oil, Diesel, Gas, Propane, Plastics, Steel, Iron, and more.
SegregatedGreens Port is a flagship terminal with 1400 railcar storage spots, 31 miles of track, Crude Oil and Ethanol Racks, over 3,000,000 Sq. ft. of warehouse space. Four Birth Docks and Two Barge Docks. We Provide Mobile Railcar Repair, Track Maintenance, Transloading services, material handling, Supply Chain logistics and Measurement Services as well.
2016-6712/31/16PanamaPrompt40 ftN/AN/A882Fuel Oil/Base Oil/BiodieselSegregatedTwo terminals on the Atlantic and Pacific
2016-6512/13/16Corpus Christi, TXTBD16 ftN/AN/A75 - 900Any Petroleum, Liquid Fertilizer, bulk storageSegregated$0.50New build terminal facility w/ inland barge, road, and rail access
2016-6412/13/16Corpus Christi, TXPrompt16 ftN/AN/A80 railcarsUnloaded or Loaded RailcarsSegregatedNegotiableUp to 6 miles of UP serviced track, cleaning and Hazmat activities allowed. Waybridge and space for car servicing available
2016-6212/8/16Houston Ship Channel AreaPrompt12 ftN/AN/A60crude, distillate, black oilSegregated2x30 M; floating roofs; truck and barge access; marine vapor loading; product blending availableOpen
2016-6112/5/16Cincinnati, OHPrompt10 ftN/AN/A150Distillate, VGO, Asphalt, ChemicalsSegregatedTBDAll capacity is insulated and heatedOpen
2016-6012/5/16New Albany, INPrompt10 ftN/AN/A150Distillate, VGO, Asphalt, ChemicalsSegregatedTBD54M barrels of available heating capacityOpen
2016-5912/5/16Louisville, KYPrompt10 ftN/AN/A100Gasoline, Diesel, ChemicalsSegregatedTBD8-car rail siding on NS LineOpen
2016-5812/5/16Henderson, KYPrompt10 ftN/AN/A150Distillate, chemicalsSegregatedTBDOpen
2016-5110/12/16Port of New OrleansMid 2017 (new construction)50 ft draftN/AN/A350 MBVGO (or similar)Segregated2 x 100 MB and 3 x 50 MB ; Ship, barge, Rail and Truck Access available;   Product Heating and blending availableOpen
2016-489/20/16Macon (GA)PromptN/APlantationN/A55DistillateSegregatedHas an IFR. Truck OutboundOpen
2016-468/31/16Deer Park (TX)Prompt45 ftN/AN/A24Chemicals/Base OilSegregated2 tanks 12 kbbl each. Stainless Steel & Insulated tank. MARINE/ISO/TRUCK/RAIL INBOUND AND OUTBOUND.
2 VESSEL DOCKS AND 1 BARGE OCK. Heat traced and Stainless doc lines.
2016-458/29/16Stockton (CA)PromptN/AN/AN/A 5,000 tons Dry Bulk FertilizerBothRail IN. Truck in/out. Access to UP and BNSF. 6 car spots.Open
2016-438/17/16NortheastPrompt64 ftN/AN/A 1,430Light Crude/Fuel OilSegregated$0.38 - $0.45 Depending on term2 Crude tanks (415 MB and 430 MB). 4 Fuel Oil Tanks (320 & 150mb). 2 - heated fuel oil tanks to be added, available on July 31st, 150 and 260Open
2016-418/8/16Virginia PromptN/AN/AN/A 1,000 Railcar spots AnySegregatedServiced by the CSX line. Can handle empty or loaded railcars..Open
2016-408/9/16VirginiaTBD50 ftN/AN/A 3,000 Bulk LiquidsSegregatedAn existing Dry Bulk storage/transloading facility. Connected to the CSX line. Potential to build 3 mil bbls of storage.Open
2016-346/8/16Central IllinoisPromptn/aPontential to connect to BP1n/a260Clean Products/ Asphalt/ FertilizerSegregatedConnected to BNSF rail Line. Truck in/outOpen
2016-295/2/2016Alexander, NDTBDN/AHilandYes80CrudeSegregatedInbound by Truck or Pipe, Outbound by Pipe or rail. Could construct additional storage fairly quickly.

2016-143/14/2016Port of New OrleansPrompt50N/AN/A90Base OilsSegregated8 x 5 MB, 6 x 8 MB, Ship, Barge, Rail, and truck access to all tanks.  Tanks can be segregated or manifolded together.  Product Blending available.Open
2016-133/10/2016Newbury, OHPrompt and PortableTruckN/AN/A  150 to 5000 gallons Chemicals and Refined Petroleum productsSegTanks are 6000-6500 gallons each, steam lines, chemicals and oils, parking available.  Stainless steel, insulated with heat capability Open
2016-103/1/2016Fairview, ND6 Months from Contract DateN/AYesN/A315CrudeSegN/ARail Facility for outbound unit train loading. Could construct new tankage for new customer.Open
2016-93/3/16Dore, NDpromptN/AN/AN/A50 rail carsAnyN/AAvailable Car StorageOpen
2016-72/8/2016Portland, ORPrompt32Possibility to reconnect existing PLN/A221Distillate/ Black OilSeg56,343 barrels of Black Oil will be available in August 2016. Heated and insulated tanks.  Rail in, Truck In/OutOpen
2015-6812/11/2015North DakotaPromptN/AN/AN/A80-150 RailcarsCrude / sandSpace available at facility for storage/parking  of unutilized railcarsOpen
2015-6712/11/2015North DakotaPromptN/AN/AN/A100CrudeEither  Truck in / rail outOpen
2015-5510/21/2015Point Comfort (TX)Under Contract36 ftEFS PLN/A150Crude/ CondensateMax RVP is 11. Looking for truck in / barge out thruput business. 6 high-speed LACTs for truck in/ barge out loading rate @ 10mbphUnder Contract
2015-427/8/2015Ogden, UTPromptN/AN/AN/A6 Railcar spotsAll bulk liquidsSegregatedTransload Facility for chemicals, Petroleum, Ethanol. Served by UCRY / BNSF or UP railroadOpen
2015-417/8/2015Eagle Lake, FLPromptN/AN/AN/A100 Railcar SpotsAll bulk liquidsSegregatedLocated between Tampa and Orlando. Transload facility for chemicals, Petroleum, Ethanol. Served by CSX/ Florida Midland RailroadOpen
2015-407/8/2015Midland, NCPromptN/AN/AN/A 200 Railcar Spots All bulk liquidsSegregatedNear Charlotte. Transload facility for chemicals, Petroleum, Ethanol. Served by ACWR / NS or CSX railroads.Open
2015-376/30/2015Metro Detroit, MI3-4 Months22 ftBPLBPL192VGO/Asphalt/No. 6 oil/ No. 2 DieselSegregated2 Tanks 96,000 bbl each. Ask Price: Negotiation Based on Term.
In by Barge, pipeline, truck. Out by barge, rail, pipeline, and truck. Heated and insulated.
Transloading Facility.
2015-215/6/2015Pt Manatee, FLPrompt39 ftN/AN/A468VGO/Asphalt/Fuel OilSegregated$0.452 tanks: 268MB & 200MB.  Water in Water/Truck rack Out. Product must be "High viscosity" Open
2015-134/20/2015Mobile, ALPromptBarge / ship, Truck, & RailN/AN/A30Dist or FuelSegregated1 x 30 MB. Another 30 MB tank will become available August 2017. Rail / truck access. Mixing & blending  Open
2017-3411/7/17HoustonPrompt46 ftN/AN/A200VGO/ Feedstock/ Fuel Oil /MDO
Segregated$0.692 tanks x 100 MB. Sublease opportunity. Term 1 - 9 months. Pour point max 85F.
2016-428/16/16Toledo, (OH)TBD22' (Will dredge to desired depth)N/AN/A  155. Additional 110 coming Q1 2017.  Asphalts, VTB ( Will build for other products)EitherNegotiableCurrently truck and Great Lakes barge access. The first 22 rail spots coming in 2017. 30+ additional acres available. Will build capacity for other products with long term cntract.Open
2018-31/10/18HoustonPrompt41 ftN/AN/A
250VGO/Feedstock/Fuel OilSegregated$0.603 tanks. (100, 100, 50) Up to a year termClosed
2017-236/22/17Berthold, NDPromptN/AEPNDEPND & Enbridge Cromer150Bakken CrudeSegregatedNegotiableAccess to BNSF Rail Outbound. Crude must meet EPND Spec
2016-5010/7/16PA, OH, MD

Promptn/an/an/a500 cars - 31,808 gal
Anyboth $375/car - CPC-1232 (Cleaned) 2-yr minimum for cleaned carsClosed
2016-448/23/16MN, PA, TN, TX, WIPromptn/an/an/aup to 600 railcarsAny petroleum productsSegregated600 railcars for lease. DOT 111 23.5k and 25.5k;
CPC 1232 29k and 31.8k;
DOT 117 28.4k
2017-3611/15/17New Town, NDPromptN/APelican, Hiland
N/A (possible future connection to Paradigm, Pelican and/or Hiland)
90 CrudeSegregatedNegotiableRail outbound on CPRS. Outbound pipe connections can be added.Closed
2017-278/28/2017Wood River, ILPrompt9 ftPlatte & CapwoodN/A250Cold Lake CrudeCommingledNegotiableCan also offer a Fix Rate that includes receipt, throughput, dock loading and delivery to Mississippi River GC Refinery’s via barge – negotiable (Per BBL Rate)Closed
2016-366/16/16Baton Rouge (LA)TBDBargeN/AN/A80Chemicals, Crude Oil, Refined Petroleum Products, ethanol and BiodieselSegregatedOut of service tanks that are looking for anchor tenants. Will have rail access and rail sidings.Closed
2017-84/13/17New OrleansOctober, 201745 ftN/AN/A
110Gasoline, Distillate, Ethanol, Aromatics
SegregatedNegotiableDeepwater, Barge, Truck, & Rail access. Barge Draft 30 ft.
2016-336/3/16Houston, TXPromptn/aYesYes 300 CrudeCommingledNegotiableCavern storage; DSW; term is negotiableClosed
2017-176/1/17NYHJuly 1, 201738 ftCPL & BPLCPL & BPL650Gasoline/Gasoline ComponentsSegregatedNegotiable7 tanks. NYMEX location. Term 3 monthsClosed
2017-94/18/17Vicksburg, MSPrompt9.5 FTN/AN/A
Segregated$0.55Barge in/outClosed
2017-196/9/17North DakotaPromptN/ABelle Fourche & BOE Pipelinen/a300Bakken CrudeCommingledTBDCrude must meet Terminal Specs. Term 2 - 6 monthsClosed
2017-165/24/17Houston Ship ChannelPrompt40 ftRefinery PLCPL & EXPL100 - 500Gasoline/ Distillate/ Gasoline Components/ PetchemSegregated85(Clean Products) 95(Chems)Vessel & barge in/out. Rail & Truck In. Term is 3 - 6 monthsClosed
2016-386/27/16VirginiaTBD24 ftN/AN/A40Chemicals Petroleum Products, Fertilizer and BiodieselSegregatedBrownfield expansion. Rail & Truck AccessClosed
2016-376/27/16VirginiaPrompt24 ftN/AN/A25Fuel Oil/BiodieselSegregatedBarge, Vessel, Rail & Truck access.Closed
2017-32/24/17Philadelphia AreaQ2 201731 ftN/AN/A200AnySegregatedNegotiableUnit Train Rail unloading and barge loading capability. Ability to build additional infrastructure and connect to nearby refined products pipelines if desired. Closed
2016-5511/28/2016LouisianaLate 201840YesYes500-1000ULSDCommingled50New Build. Truck and barge in/out possible.Closed
2016-6312/9/16St. Gabriel (LA)Q3 201739 ft at lowest stage of riverN/AN/A2,240; expandable to 4,490AnySegregatedNegotiableNear crude, refined product, chemical and natural gas pipelines as well as a railway mainline Closed
2016-315/6/2016Corpus Christi, TX9 months after agreement45 ftYesYes 2,000 + Crude / Condensate / ProductsSegTBDFacility currently operational with existing crude and products tankage ; permits in place; acreage avail to support 2MM+ BBL ; crude/condensate inbound pipeline connectivity to EF basin upon contract execution;  connected by pipe to CC refineries; barge dock + Aframax-capable dock (825' LOA); manifest rail connectivity; truck racksClosed
2016-6612/22/16Charleston (SC)1Q 201742 ftN/AN/A200Chemicals & DistillatesSegregated$0.752 tanks x 100 mb. Epoxy Lined. 12 Rail Spots & truck access.
2017-42/28/17Cushing, OKApril 2017N/AMultipleMultiple350Crudeeither41Superior pipe connectivity and blending capabilities;  Minium 2 year deal and 3 year maxClosed
2016-479/20/16Dravosburg, PA10 - 12 wks from signed contract9'N/AN/A  15Clean liquidsSegregatedNegotiableRequires a new floor. Has existing rail access (NSRR) , barge access, truck access
Currently out of service
2017-63/14/17Carteret, NJApril 15, 201737 ftN/ABPL105Gasoline, Gasoline components or distillateSegregatedSublease....3 x 35 MB tanks. Comes with 12 rail spots for inbound receipts. Many blenders to trade with. Lease expires Jan 2018.Closed
2016-305/6/2016Port of New OrleansPrompt45 ftN/AN/A2Any clean distillate product, chemical or food oilsSegregatedProduct Dependent Ship, Barge, Rail, and truck access to all tanks.   Closed
2016-123/9/2016New Orleans, LAPrompt45 ftn/an/a25Any clean distillate product, chemical or food oilssegVessel, barge, truck and rail acessClosed
2016-5411/15/16Palestine, TXPromptN/AN/AN/A 1,500+ car spots Car storageSegregatedNegotiableRusk, Palestine & Pacific RR (RPP); UP-served; hazmat OK; near HoustonClosed
2016-5211/15/16Walsenburg, COPromptN/AN/AN/A 1,000 car spots Car storageSegregatedNegotiableUP and BNSF servedClosed
2016-5311/15/16Memphis, TNPromptN/AN/AN/A 2,000 car spots Car storageSegregatedNegotiableGrenada Railroad (GRYR) - CN direct access in Memphis and Canton, MS; other Class 1 access in MemphisClosed
2016-5611/28/2016Lake Charles (LA)Jan 1 201710 FTN/AN/A55CrudeSegregatedBarge and Truck In/Out.Closed
2016-5711/29/2016Shreveport Area, LAPromptN/AN/AN/A100 railcar spotsHazardous or CleanSegregatedKCS via LAS served, transloading potential, rate negotiableClosed
2016-398/4/16MontanaPromptN/AN/AN/A  400 railcars  spotsCrude/sandSpace available at facility for storage/parking of railcars. Can handle empty cars. Depending on the term, there is up to 500 railcar spots. Connected to the NS lines .Closed
2016-499/29/16LouisianaPromptN/AN/AN/A  1000 railcar spots  Crude/sand/LNG/Distillate/LPGSegregatedSpace available at facility for storage/parking of railcars. Can loaded and empty cars. Connected to the KCS and UP lines.Closed
2015-6912/18/2015Stockton (CA)PromptN/ARailTruck15AvgasSegregated$1.20Includes Filtering. SubleaseClosed
2015-7012/18/2015Tacoma (WA)Prompt25 ftRail, BargeTruck, Barge10AvgasSegregated$1.60Includes Filtering. SubleaseClosed
2016-274/11/2016Horseheads (NY)PromptN/AN/AN/A200 – 500 railcar spotsAnySegregatedSpace available at facility for storage/parking of railcars. Can handle empty cars. Depending on the term there is up to 500 railcar spots. Connected to the NS lines.Closed
2015-5110/15/2015Mid-AtlanticVarious33NANA   up to 200Gasoline, ULSDCommingled$0.40Various TermsClosed
2016-284/22/2016NebraskaPromptN/AN/AN/A  100 railcar spots  Crude oil, ethanol, dieselN/AProduct DependentRailcar storage space available for 160 cars loaded or empty accepted. Capable of transloading product from rail to truck – truck to rail. Site has direct access to BNSF and UP.Closed
2016-51/22/2016SavannahImmediate to a few months38 ftNANA Savannah - 188,000 BBLS
Savannah North - 850,000 BBLS
Caustic Soda, Distillates, Gasoline, Lube Oil, Biodiesel, Asphalt, Chemicals and Ethanol SegregatedTBDTwo facilities in Savannah with open tanks. Savannah Terminal is on the CSX
Savannah North Terminal is on the NS. Both have marine, rail, and truck inbound and outbound. Heated tanks available. Some tanks available immediately some require work.
2016-264/6/2016WI, MN, IAPromptN/AN/AN/A45 railcarsPropane, butaneSegregatedDOT112J340 PRESSURE CARSClosed
2016-254/6/2016Various USPromptN/AN/AN/A120 railcarsheavy fuel oil, #6 oil, slurry oilSegregated23.5k, 25.5k, 29k coiled & insulatedClosed
2016-244/6/2016MN, MS, WI, PAPromptN/AN/AN/A90 railcarscleanSegregated23.5k, 25.5k, 29k, 31.8kClosed
2016-234/6/2016Gonzales, TXPromptN/AN/AN/A100 railcarsnewSegregatedDOT117 28.4k coiled & insulatedClosed
2016-224/6/2016MN, PA, WIPromptN/AN/AN/A125 railcarscrude oilSegregatedCPC 1232 29k coiled & insulatedClosed
2016-214/6/2016PAPromptN/AN/AN/A56 railcarsbakken crude oilSegregatedCPC 1232 31.8k GPClosed
2016-204/6/2016WA, IA, GAPromptN/AN/AN/A65 railcarsdiesel, ethanolSegregated30k/31.8k GPClosed
2016-194/6/2016MN, MS, WA, WIPromptN/AN/AN/A90 railcarslight cycle oil (#4)Segregated30k/31.8k GPClosed
2016-41/22/2016MS/OKPromptN/AN/AN/A  3 - 400 Tank cars  Tank Cars for Lease. Built new 2013/2014.Closed
2015-144/24/2015NortheastPrompt64 ftN/AN/A320Fuel OilSegregated1 tank heated & insulatedClosed
2015-7212/30/2015New York HarborPrompt24 ftN/AN/A24Distillate / Fuel OilSegregatedinbound / outbound truck or barge. 2 tanks (1 x 20 mb and 1 x 4 mb)closed
2016-83/1/2016Tuscarawas, OHPromptn.a.n.a.n.a.39AnySeg$0.85Truck in/outclosed
2015-479/9/2015Atlantic Coast, USGC, USWC & Inland North AmericaPrompt & PortableMarine, rail and truckN/AN/A  150 to 5000 gallonsChemicals and Refined Petroleum productsSegregatedTanks are small and portable, can be stacked or mounted on chassis, great for in-plant storage.   Stainless steel, insulated with heat capability  closed
2016-325/23/16Texas City, TXPrompt36 ftN/AN/A160 Gasoline Components / Aromatics  / Coker GasoilSegregatedTo be NegotiatedSublease opportunity.  Internal Floating roof tanks  4 tanks 2x50mb 2x30mb; System has two 8" lines to the dock.  Water in/out.  Dock is Port of Texas City #15 - 36' draft / 100' beam / 720' LOA.  Limit TVP is 11.0.  Tanks are unheated .Closed
2015-5410/15/2015New Orleans HarborPromptVessel 200VGO, Resid, 6 OilSegregated$0.552 x 100 MB can pump over to other customers in terminalOn Subjects
2016-184/1/2016LouisianaPromptN/AN/AN/A1500 railcar spotsCrude/sand/LNG/Distillate/LPGSegregatedSpace available at facility for storage/parking of railcars. Can loaded and empty cars. Connected to the KCS and UP lines.Closed
2015-6411/10/2015Philadelphia, PAPrompt32 ftNoneNone35All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct dependentIn and Out by vessel, barge, truck, railcar. Connected to the CSX, NS, CR Railroads. Carbon Steel Construction. Closed
2015-6311/10/2015Cincinnati, OHPrompt9 ftNoneNone40All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct dependentIn and Out by barge, truck, railcar. Connected to the CSX Railroad. Carbon Steel Construction. Closed
2015-6211/10/2015Baltimore, MDPrompt32 ftNoneNone60All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct dependentIn and Out by vessel, barge, truck, railcar. Connected to the CSX Railroad. Carbon Steel Construction. Closed
2015-6111/10/2015Jacksonville, FLPrompt38 ftNoneNone20All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct dependentIn and Out by vessel, barge, truck, railcar. Connected to the CSX and NS Railroads. Carbon Steel Construction. Closed
2015-6011/10/2015St Paul, MNPrompt9 ftNoneNone20All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct dependentIn and Out by barge, truck, railcar. Connected to the UP Railroad. Carbon Steel Construction. Closed
2015-5911/10/2015Riverdale, ILPrompt8 ftNoneNone30All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct dependentIn and Out by barge, truck, railcar. Connected to the CSX Railroad. Carbon Steel Construction. Closed
2016-41/22/2016MS/OKPromptN/AN/AN/A  3 - 400 Tank cars  Tank Cars for Lease. Built new 2013/2014.Closed
2016-153/15/2016Vicksburg, MSPrompt9ftN/AN/A80MB cone roof storage; 20MB floating roof storageGasoline, Diesel, Distillates, Biodiesel, EthanolSegregatedTBDTanks vary in size from 10MB to 25MB; barge and truck access;Closed
2016-173/30/2016VirginiaPromptN/AN/AN/A100 railcarsCrude/sandSpace available at facility for storage/parking of railcarsClosed
2016-163/30/2016Louisiana, ArkansasPromptN/AN/AN/A30 railcarsCrude/sandSpace available at facility for storage/parking of railcarsClosed
2016-31/15/2016New JerseyPromptN/ACPLN/Aup to 5 MBPDClean ProductsCommingledNorth and South Jersey locations truck thruput space availableOn Subjects
2016-21/15/2016New EnglandPromptVesselN/AN/Aup to 10 MBPDClean ProductsCommingledNew Haven, Boston Truck Thruput space availableOn Subjects
2015-5210/15/2015Baltimore Area4 months from agreement34ColonialNA   300VGO, Resid, 6 oil blendstock, dyed heating oil, clear ULSD, LCOSegregated$0.55Can be heated or light products; minimum term of 2 yearsClosed
2015-6511/23/2015HoustonFeb, 2016Vessel/ BargeVariousVarious900CrudeSegregated$1.003 Tanks . SubleaseClosed
2015-5711/2/2015Bayport HoustonPrompt40 ftN/AN/A43655 bbls6 OilSegregatedCarbon Steel Tank. Fixed Roof API 650. Dirty Tank. Heated tank.Closed
2015-397/8/2015Riviera Beach, FLPrompt33 ftN/AN/A145ULSDSegregated2 Tanks (42 MB and 103 MB)  / Access to truck rack and additive injection Marine receipt system connected to Berths 12 and 14 at Port of Palm Beach
Computerized terminal automation system for terminal inventory control.
2015-5611/2/2015North Dakota1 to 6 monthsN/AYesNo40bakken CrudeSegregatedCrude must meet Terminal SpecsOn Subjects
2016-61/27/2016Corpus Christi, TXTBD45 ftYesYes 2,000 + Crude / Condensate / ProductsSegTBDFacility currently operational with existing crude and products tankage available prompt; permits in place; acreage avail to support 2MM+ BBL; crude/condensate inbound pipeline connectivity to EF basin avail beg. Q4 2016; connected by pipe to CC refineries; barge dock + Aframax-capable dock (825' LOA); manifest rail connectivity; truck rackOn Subjects
2016-11/4/2016Pittsburgh (PA)PromptBargeN/AN/ABarge storage for lease 30 mbClean ProductsSegregatedtransportation, tankerman charges and fleeting expenses would be in addition to the space rental.Closed
2015-5811/9/2015Breckenridge, MN12/1/2015200 CPC-1232 railcars100 new/never used, 100 with light crude last load/not clean. GP cars not coiled/heated.Closed
2015-325/29/2015Mid Atlantic CoastPromptShipN/AN/A300No. 6 OilSegregatedSub leaseClosed
2015-235/14/2015Mid Atlantic CoastPrompt33 ftN/AN/A180DistillateSegregatedSubleasing opportunityClosed
2015-387/6/2015New Haven, CTNew Build14 ftN/ABPL Jet110FlexibleSegregatedPermits to construct 5 x 22 MB  Seeking customer for term storage in order to build tankageClosed
2015-7112/28/2015New York HarborFeb, 201636 ftCPL, Sun HarborBuckeye260Gasoline/ Blendstock/ ULSDSegregatedProduct dependentIn and out by Barge/Ship/Pipe. NYMEX DeliverableClosed
2015-5310/15/2015Philly Area16-Jan38ColonialNA   216VGO, Resid, 6 oil blendstock, DistillateSegregated$0.65Closed
2015-448/13/2015Long Beach (CA)Prompt39 ftVariousVarious400Clean Products, Biofuels, except jet fuelSegregatedIn by Ship, barge, pipeline, truck. Out by ship, barge, pipeline, and truck.Closed
2015-489/11/2015Port of New Orleans1 - 2 Months50 ftN/AN/A325  Chemicals, VGO, Asphalt   SegregatedFlash point must be greater than 200 F on all products stored.  6 x 50MB and 1 x 25MB tanks. Ship, Barge, Rail, and truck access to all tanks. Tanks can be segregated or manifolded together.On Subjects
2015-509/22/2015For delivery to US TerminalPromptRailN/AN/A 2 Unit Trains (100 cars general purpose, 100 cars coil insulated) Segregated$200/day/car2 Unit Trains (100 cars general purpose, 100 cars coil insulated)Closed
2015-499/18/2015Texas City, TXPrompt36 ftN/AN/A310 Gasoline Components / Aromatics  / Coker GasoilSegregatedTo be NegotiatedSublease opportunity.  Internal Floating roof tanks  2 x 30, 2 x 50, 1 x 40, 1 x 50, 1 x 60 MB; System has two 8" lines to the dock.  Water in/out.  Dock is Port of Texas City #15 - 36' draft / 100' beam / 720' LOA.  Limit TVP is 11.0.  Tanks are unheated.On Subjects
2015-469/8/2015Philadelphia, PAPrompt32 ftVariousVarious24All bulk liquidsSegregatedProduct DependantIn and Out by vessel, barge, truck, railcar.   Connected to the CSX, NS, CR Railroads.  Carbon Steel ConstructionClosed
2015-458/31/2015Beaumont (TX)Prompt40 ftLimitedLimited250Clean ProductsSegregatedSublease.On Subjects
2015-366/29/2015BaltimorePrompt28 ftN/AN/A150VGO/AsphaltSegregated$0.55In by rail, truck or barge, out by barge or truck. Heated, insulated and can blendClosed
2015-174/24/2015Toledo, OHPromptN/ABPLN/ATo discussClean ProdCommingledTruck thruputClosed
2015-164/24/2015Detroit areaPromptN/ABPLN/ATo discussClean ProdCommingledTruck thruputClosed
2015-438/10/2015River Rouge (MI)Prompt22 ftBPLBPL96VGO/No. 6 oilSegregated1 tank. Ask Price: Negotiation Based on Term.
In by Barge, pipeline, truck. Out by barge, rail, pipeline, and truck. Heated and insulated.
2015-356/10/2015Houston1-Jul40 ftmultipleMultiple360Gas/DistSegregated$0.78Tanks are 3 x 120  MB.   Sublease seeking tenant for 1 yearclosed
2015-346/5/2015South TexasPrompt14 ftN/AN/A70CrudeSegregatedTruck Inclosed
2015-336/5/2015VirginiaPromptN/ACPLN/A1000 bpdClean ProdCommingledTruck thruputclosed
2015-315/29/2015North CarolinaPromptN/ACPLN/A1000 bpdGas / ULSDCommingledTruck thruputClosed
2015-305/18/2015Mid Atlantic CoastPrompt38 ftN/AN/A155 MBClean Prod, biodiesel okSegregated110 MB Fuel Oil, 45 MB Clean Floating roof.  Ship & Truck inbound.  Rail Outbound Closed
2015-295/15/2015NYCPromptBargeBPLN/ATo DiscussClean ProdCommingledTruck thruputOperational
2015-285/15/2015USGCPrompt40 ftN/AN/A300VariousSegregatedEast of the Mississippi RiverClosed
2015-275/15/2015NYHSep-15BargeCPL/SPLN/A150DistillateSegregatedNo truck rack accessClosed
2015-265/15/2015New EnglandPrompt36 ftN/ABPL220DistillateSegregatedship or barge accessClosed
2015-255/14/2015USWCPrompt40 ftN/AN/A300Fuel OilSegregatedRail accessClosed
N/AN/A50Fuel OilSegregatedHeat availableClosed
2015-205/1/2015South CarolinaPromptN/ACPLN/A1000 bpdGas / ULSDCommingledOperational
2015-194/28/2015Alexandria, LAPrompt9 ftN/AN/A108 MBCrude/ProdSegregatedon inquiry3 tanks 50 MB floater, 50 MB cone, 7500 bbls jacketedClosed
2015-184/24/2015HoustonPromptBargeN/AN/A644Clean ProdSegregated26 tanks (3 floaters, 23 cones) ; Near Houston Ship ChannelClosed
2015-124/20/2015NortheastPromptBarge / shipN/AN/A300Fuel OilSegregatedUnder ContractOperational
2015-114/20/2015FloridaPrompt36 ftN/AN/A150DistillateSegregatedCould be swing tank.  Operational
2015-104/20/2015South JerseyPromptN/ACPLN/A2400 bblsDistillateSegregatedAlso Truck inbound capabilityClosed
2015-94/10/2015Los Angeles1-May37 ftN/AN/A300Clean ProdSegregated$1.00Subleasing opportunityClosed
2015-84/6/2015GalvestonPrompt40 ftN/AN/A100Fuel OilSegregatedNegotiableOperational
2015-74/6/2015Caribs1-SepShipN/AN/A220DistillateSegregated$0.65Listing Withdrawn
2015-64/6/2015GreensboroPromptN/ACPL, PPLN/Aup to 2 MBPDGas / DistCommingled30 cpbOperational
2015-54/6/2015GC1Q 2016Shipfor contractCrudeSegregatedListing postponed for construction planning
2015-44/6/2015AtlantaPromptN/ACPL, PPLN/A2 MBPDGas / DistCommingled28 cpbOperational
2015-24/6/2015AlbanyPromptBargeN/AN/A150 MbDistillateSegregatedOperational
2015-13/17/2015NYHPrompt20 ft MLWCPLN/A125DistillateSegregated$0.40Operational

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