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Those looking for storage never pay a fee to The Tank Tiger

During his career as Director of Business Development at Hess Corporation, Ernie Barsamian frequently received inquiries for storage when his terminals didn’t have any available capacity.   At the same time, he was aware that terminals owned by other companies had spare capacity.  Ernie knew these terminal operators might have been interested in these business opportunities that came and went across his desk.   Similarly, many of Ernie’s customers and industry friends had told him that they didn’t really know the commercial reps from some of the other terminaling companies, and that’s why they preferred to deal only with Ernie.

Fast forward to the year 2000 and Bruce Springsteen was touring again after a long absence.  It was really tough to get a ticket to those shows.  The fans flocked to the internet where those who had extra tickets could list themselves on one webpage as “sellers” and those who needed tickets could list themselves as “buyers” on a different webpage.   You had anonymous people connecting to fulfill a market need.

While not quite as exhilerating as a Springsteen concert, the idea for The Tank Tiger was a natural progression from this unfulfilled market anomaly in the terminal storage business.    It really would be better if those who were seeking terminaling services had a quick and efficient means of finding the most suitable storage for their needs.   If you’re a terminal operator, The Tank Tiger can bring this market to your terminal gate.

The Tank Tiger is an independent brokerage and consultanting clearinghouse finding worldwide terminal storage for suppliers and producers of liquid bulk commodities. Customers worldwide use The Tank Tiger as their broker in finding competitive and strategic storage.   In essence, The Tank Tiger is a clearinghouse for all market activity that requires terminaling and midstream asset logistical services.

The commodities industry is constantly reinventing itself with changes to products, trade flows, participants and volumes. The enormous growth in the midstream and terminal storage industry has quasi-commoditized what these assets offer to the marketplace. A brokerage function can improve the efficiency of this process. The founders and staff at The Tank Tiger have recognized, and are stepping up, to satisfy the prevailing need created by the excitement and opportunity of these changes.   We’re kind of like Uber for storage tanks.  Think of it as Stubhub, Priceline and Match.com all rolled into one.

The Tank Tiger was created in 2015 in order to serve as a single point of contact for parties who desire terminal services and are looking for companies who own these assets that provide these competent services. Using an unprecedented database of personal contacts and established commercial relationships, The Tank Tiger can facilitate and reduce market inefficiencies and illiquidity by providing this service.

By acting as an intermediary, The Tank Tiger can provide anonymity on both sides of the transaction until the affected parties are connected, thus bringing a credible presence to this undernourished brokering requirement in the growing tank storage marketplace. The Tank Tiger has the advantage of having market knowledge and information through their unbiased neutral position in the market.

If desired, The Tank Tiger client benefits from standing behind the curtain of anonymity that The Tank Tiger can provide. As a result, other potential participants in the market are unaware of the client’s trading knowledge or intentions. We’ve all seen what happens to prices when a large producer or consumer bellies up to the market causing volatility and potential uncertainty. The Tank Tiger service is based on long standing relationships, trusted partnerships, uncompromising integrity and open lines of communication. We are confident that these relationships will continue. You can always find The Tank Tiger team, via phone, text message, email, ICE messenger, or hopefully someday over a burger or beer.

If you are a trader looking for storage, talk to us. If you are presently leasing storage and are considering a sub-lease, we can get that done.  If you are an end user or distributor looking for a terminal location for truck through putting or product exchange, we can help you. If you are a terminal seeking the aforementioned customers, look no further than The Tank Tiger. This is what The Tank Tiger is all about – making things happen, getting people together to find the win/win, building and sustaining relationships and growing commerce in a friendly professional manner.

The Tank Tiger is in the market day in and day out, constantly monitoring the activity in order to identify parties interested in taking on storage. Commodities traders holding underutilized tank leases can use The Tank Tiger to find another entity looking to sub-lease this storage on a spot or term basis in order to reduce holding cost of tankage. We work on commission basis per closed contract, whereby the ‘seller’ pays a standard commission per contracted volume. Those looking for storage never pay a fee to the Tank Tiger!

Our mission is a gentle but relentless pursuit of our clients’ goals. We are guided by our integrity and the desire to leverage our solid and credible relationships so that our clients can share in trusted partnerships. Removing inefficiency from the market is a rising tide for all boats.

Our portfolio contains a large number of suppliers of petroleum products or crude oil, searching for storage on a long term or short term basis. The Tank Tiger provides as much service as required between the storage terminals and the suppliers to get your deal done. Our team is committed to connecting the best storage facilities to the most credible suppliers.

Major markets served include: products from unfinished oils, such as crude oil and refinery intermediates, to finished products such as gasoline, jet-fuel, heating-oil and biofuels. The Tank Tiger provides price discovery, transaction efficiency and is always available for market commentary services to a wide variety of customers – including oil companies, refined products producers, petroleum refineries, independents, marketers, traders, industry scribes, investment banks, private equity funds and hedge funds.

There is no job too big or too small for The Tank Tiger and we look forward to discussing and meeting your needs in the terminal storage marketplace, whatever they may be.


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