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Why Work With Us

By acting as an intermediary, The Tank Tiger can provide anonymity on both sides of the transaction until the affected parties are connected thus bringing a credible presence to this undernourished brokering requirement in the growing tank storage marketplace.

If you are a terminal operator, new to the market or seeking more reach or access to the market, The Tank Tiger can bring customers to your terminal gate and help you establish long lasting relationships with these users of tank storage. The Tank Tiger will bring customers to lease your storage, or trucks to your rack to bolster your throughput.

If you own midstream logistical assets such as railcars or short line track, we can connect you with transportation specialists who are in need of railcars to move commodities or track to store their unutilized railcars.

If you are a wholesale marketer, looking for tank and rack space to grow your business, The Tank Tiger can find the ideal location and terminal operator to fit your needs.

If you are a crude oil or products trader and have a long term storage contract that you don’t need to utilize right now, wouldn’t you love to sublease this storage to take the edge off of your monthly cost? Who has the time to look for a tenant? The Tank Tiger – that’s who. There’s no one better in the business. You can continue to do your job while The Tank Tiger goes to work. The Tank Tiger can anonymously market your tankage, and find a new tenant willing to take on your sublease, with The Tank Tiger taking care of all of your paperwork and potential headaches so you can focus on what you do best.

The growth in the Terminal Storage business has been driven in recent years by the desire for equity investors to own securities which provide a stable income stream. The Master Limited Partnership (MLP) has been the primary vehicle for this growth and capital has been pouring in. This unprecedented growth has changed the marketplace and not all of this change has been readily appreciated or acknowledged by those who seek terminaling services. Much of the asset growth affiliated with these MLP’s has come from long term storage contracts which guaranteed a desirable return for companies seeking to expand their asset base. So what you have is a dynamic and sometimes volatile market demand (traders and end users) seeking flexibility and optionality from a more rigid asset map.

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